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Wado Aiwakai Karate-Do Licence Renewal


Product Description

The Wado Aiwakai Karate-Do Federation Licence is a very important document which has several functions and provides certain benefits to the holder.

These are as follows:

  • A licence will only be issued to members of clubs affiliated to AIWAKAI.
  • It provides personal insurance cover against injury and Third Party liability whilst practicing karate.
  • It provides individual membership to AIWAKAI & the English Karate Federation (EKF) and with it all the benefits of AIWAKAI/EKF membership.
  • It is mandatory for grading
  • It is an official grading record.
  • It is required for participation in all competitions

If you’d like to apply for a new licence or renew your existing licence through Castle Karate Kai, please purchase this item through the shop and then submit your details using the form here.

*Please note there is a small admin fee of £3.00 (included in the total price) to cover the cost of postage & packing.

Please allow up to ten days for delivery.

Terms and conditions apply.

Licences can not be cancelled or transferred to another person and no refunds can be issued for any licence fee once purchased.

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